Left in the haze...

Playlist of 8bit arrangements of some Kagerou Project songs.


Daze || Kagerou Days || Headphone Actor || Imagination Forest || Konoha’s State of the World || Kisaragi Attention || Children Record || Yobanashi Deceive || Lost Time Memory || Ayano’s Theory of Happiness || Outer Science || Summertime Record || Toumei Answer

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SONG: drop pop candy
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reol/giga in left side

rin/luka in right side

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ouran text post meme part 3 (because people asked for more)

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backgrounds consisting of poorly drawn oranges with 37 blur effects? you betcha!

if you want to use these, i’d appreciate credit but will probably live if you don’t. this is my first and therefore amateur bg after all..

if anything please don’t claim these as your own. thanks B)

reblogging for the morning crowd

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GODDAMMIT i didnt know that zoro had his swords on his right hip and i drew it on the wrong side with tHE WRONG POSE UGHH

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you’re trapped in a room and the only escape is through a door that leads to the dangan ronpa fandom and the other leads to the snk fandom which do u choose

stay in that trapped room forever

so i guess you’d be stuck, then. perhaps in some kind of home.

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cr1tikal is gonna be on his death bed and his last words are probably going to be a monotonous, sarcastic “well fuck my asshole”

"I’m done playing this. Well that’s the end of my life. Remember to rate my life, comment my life, and subscribe if you want to see lives similar to this one. See ya." ::dies::

In a nearby maternity ward, a baby is born. The doctors gather, clearing its lungs of fluid, waiting for its first squalling cries of life…

"Hey what up everybody it’s Cr1tikal and this time I’m playing Reincarnation let’s do this shit”

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Sunny's Complete Blueprint Part 2/ Part 1
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